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Marketing and Advertising For Small Businesses

One of the best ways to make marketing and advertising strategies more effective is to think through how they can be applied to the rest of your business. This raises an important difference between traditional advertising agencies and a management consulting service. At PYCCO, the consultants that develop your marketing and advertising plans also understand how to apply them to the other areas of the business. Because we've actually run successful businesses, we take into account a holistic view of planning. So, opportunities to improve your sales support tools, operations, customer service, sales channel management, and marketing presentations get the same diligent review. These are just a few examples. Traditional ad agencies simply cannot match this level of experience. or the results.

Experienced Small Business Consultants

To many business owners Small business advertising and small business marketing are ambiguous concepts - difficult to understand and even harder to measure. And, because small business advertising and small business marketing sometimes gets confused, when you work with a PYCCO small business consultant we take the time to explain how they can best be applied to your business. That may include researching your business, your competitors, your sales channels, and most importantly your customers. Creating a plan that is achievable requires agreeing on the facts before planning begins. When the plan is finished, new issues will arise that are also common to most small businesses. Resources are limited, staffing is lean, and the people required to execute are not always employed by the company. To compensate for this, PYCCO offers a deep bench of experienced support personnel to replace, accelerate, compliment, or extend people you may already have in-house.

When it comes to managing the implementation process, few companies have the time to manage it. PYCCO small business consultants have years of experience implementing small business advertising and marketing strategies. So, the same small business consultants that develop your plan are the people who manage the implementation. As a result, the strategies devised by your PYCCO small business consultant are implemented on-time and on budget.

Extending The Reach of Small Business Advertising

Synergy is the term most often used to described well orchestrated marketing plans. Yet, small businesses often overlook the importance of developing a systematic approach to new business development and customer management. Take advertisements for example. When a business runs an ad program promising a unique benefit or strong positioning statement, do their web site and sales support collateral support the claims made? Too often they do not. With the advent of the Internet, advertising and brochures are not enough. Prospects expect the educational and sales processes to continue seamlessly, with much of it occurring before contact with the company ever gets past the first introduction. Focusing a only one element at a time can mean missing these opportunities.

Measuring The Success of Small Business Marketing

Our small business consultants at PYCCO have an array of tools to help you assess your marketing opportunities. Whether you are measuring the results and ROI from your marketing plans, finding lists of new leads, or gaining an objective view of your overall standing in the market, PYCCO consultants help you find the opportunities that can unlock more revenue for your business.

Let us show you how you can improve your small business marketing. Simply call (952) 934-4000, or email us today for a free initial consultation.

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