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Typical Engagements For PYCCO Include:
  Fast growing companies with limited staff
  Companies needing to reposition products, services, or brands
  Formerly successful businesses experiencing declining sales
  Sales Management in need of new sales channels
  Companies undergoing leadership or organizational changes
  Businesses preparing part or all of the business for sale
  Recently merged or acquired businesses


A Manufacturer Suffers From a Serious Decline in Sales

An 18-year old manufacturer had suffered a 60% decline in sales in less than one year. Robin Smith, PYCCO founder, was retained to address the problem. Smith implemented new sales management systems to track product line sales and customer buying habits. This analysis showed that decisions made by a new management team had alienated key customer groups. Moreover, private label customers had switched to competing products because of formulation changes in the company's best selling product. Smith recommended immediate changes in key areas of sales management. The result, sales soared and gross profits exceeded the prior year's sales.

A Major Utility Seeks Accountability for Lost Sales

With 240 remote sales people, a major utility found it lacked the ability to track the return on investment from its sales and marketing efforts. PYCCO was asked to design, build and manage a system that would track this data on a daily basis. A team of 10 specialists was assembled. The new sales management system they created disseminated leads, tracked their outcome, and calculated the closing rate of every salesperson across the country at the end of each day. Top sales management was now able to identify competitive inroads in real-time, pin point the training needs of individual salespeople, and track trends in suggestive selling that can be taught to the rest of the sales force.

This Technology Reseller Grows to the Breaking Point

After four years of rapid growth a technology reseller had exhausted bank credit lines, written-down over $130,000 in bad receivables, and was faced with replacing an ERP system from a defunct software house. PYCCO was asked to assume the role of interim COO while rectifying the situation. Within nine months new A/R procedures and aggressive collection efforts had collected all but $322 worth of the bad debt. An entirely new ERP system was selected and installed at a savings to the company of $21,000 over proposals in place prior to PYCCO's arrival. Today, the bank credit lines are paid down and a new sales management system now manages all customer relationships.

A Major Service Bureau Faces Technological Obsolescence

After 10 years of relatively stable growth a large service bureau lost several key customers. Operational reviews showed no increase in customer complaints. PYCCO was asked to survey the competitive landscape, determine the cause, and make recommendations on future strategies. PYCCO compiled a comprehensive competitive assessment of all existing and new competitors. The results proved that new advances in technology had given competitors a significant cost advantage. PYCCO outlined specific capability requirements that laid the groundwork for strategic partnerships to counter the competitive offerings and rebuild the diminished brand.

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