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Getting to know your customers through marketing and advertising

When was the last time a customer bought your product because they loved the brand? Many companies make the mistake of misunderstanding the difference between B2B advertising and branding. Simply put, while advertisements change constantly, brands do not. And while placing ads usually falls to lower level staff members, creating a brand requires careful analysis of who you are and what your product or service means to your customers. Branding is marketing strategy in its purest form. At PYCCO, we help you create effective marketing and advertising strategies. From finding the right positioning for your product, to finding, developing, and testing the best advertising mediums for your message. In the process, we also show you how B2B advertising and marketing advertising strategies can be tested and refined to match the interests of the people you are trying to sell.

The difference between marketing and advertising

It is important to understand the fact that marketing and advertising are two different concepts. In fact, advertising is really a subset of marketing. Marketing includes a number of other components including market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, brand positioning, sales strategy, marketing advertising strategies, and community involvement. Simple advertising seldom leads to long-term growth. At PYCCO, we believe it is equally important to be able to create both, that is, effective marketing and advertising strategies. Not all advertising and marketing companies do both, in spite of the fact that both are equally important.We, at PYCCO, understand that an advertising and marketing strategy built together, in synergy, is really what makes a truly successful solution.

Creating a brand with people you trust

The difference between creating an advertisement and strategies for marketing is the skill level required of the people involved. Too often, advertisements are created to "Catch the eye" of the audience, but that is where they stop. Marketing, on the other hand, takes into account the entire focus of the business. When you create a brand, you impact the advertising and marketing strategy. At PYCCO, we take great pains to ensure that the responsibility for creating your advertisement and strategies is given to only the best and the most experienced team. Unlike other marketing and advertising companies, at PYCCO, the people you count on to create your advertising are the same people you who help you address your business needs - whether it is market research to formulate the most suitable advertising and marketing strategy or a new product marketing strategy. Consultants at PYCCO have experience in managing the full spectrum of marketing tasks, from new product marketing strategy to niche market branding.

The secret to guaranteed business advertising and marketing strategies

Do you calculate the return on investment (ROI) from an advertisement and strategies used in your campaigns? Surprisingly, few companies do. A number of advertising and marketing companies lay down ambitious marketing advertising strategies without taking the ROI of those programs into consideration. While guaranteed business advertising may seem like a dream, using ROI analysis can significantly improve the probability of the results. There may be no such thing as 'guaranteed business advertising ', but ROI analysis has been used for years by sophisticated marketing companies to calculate the sales generated by every dollar spent on new sales and marketing programs. In the same way that you judge a new product marketing strategy, advertising plans can be measured and tracked to help you find and eliminate waste in your marketing and advertising programs.

At PYCCO, we understand the need for profitable marketing and advertising campaigns. That is why, before implementing a campaign, our marketing strategy consultants identify ways to track and measure the results from your program. They can also provide you with tools to analyze your other marketing strategies. Why not learn from our experience? Call or email us today to discuss your marketing programs and objectives.

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