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After 30+ years of working with CEO's, I have seen my share of leaders confronting the challenges of business. I'm Robin Smith, the founder of PYCCO Corporation. The services we offer through PYCCO today were born out of my own experience running an international franchise organization. With 2,600 businesses spanning 52 countries, I saw first hand the challenges faced by even the most successful operators. As anyone who owns a business knows, business can be stressful. But that stress doesn't have to be debilitating. Whether your business is at that point, or coming off a fast growth curve and wondering what to do next, our services are designed to help.

The mission of PYCCO is simple: To move your business forward and ensure the results stand long after we are gone. We do that by bringing strategic, marketing, and sales ideas to the organization that are fresh and bold. In the process, we often raise and renew the aspirations of your entire organization. Secondly, we surround you with an implementation team that can accomplish what needs to be done. Because you probably don't have time for more direct reports, we also manage the entire team for you. Finally, we build the momentum needed to overcome barriers. That momentum comes from results.

After all, what do you want from your business?

Performance You Can Count On®. We call it - PYCCO.

Since 1995, we have enjoyed working with a wide variety of companies on hundreds of strategic issues - like branding, marketing & sales mangement, and new business development strategies. Our clients are typically found in the manufacturing, distribution, technology, and business-to-business service industries. Most clients have revenues between $5 and $500 million. A few Fortune 500 and some lively smaller businesses round out the list.

As you will see from our client comments, all of our services begin with a confidant you can trust. You work with a senior executive who can see the business through your eyes and understand the issues. The strategies they recommend are supported by tactics you can implement. And when it comes to implementation, we do not leave you with a glorified report and a handshake. Our extended PYCCO team includes graphic designers, writers, programmers, marketing and sales specialists to see your project through. Moreover, the entire process is designed to ensure that the end results treat the brand, the business, and the owner's wallet with the appropriate respect.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business. Please, look over the enclosed samples of our work and see what our clients have had to say. Then, call us for a free assessment of your business.


Robin J. Smith
Founder & CEO

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