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When Success Depends Solely On You

Ever wonder what kind of executive uses a mentor? If you run a business you probably know the kind all too well. When business problems mount, you look for someone to talk to. But you can't talk to your employees for fear they will panic and leave. You might ask your spouse, but then again, why bring it home. And your friends? Well, "let's not air our dirty laundry." Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Like many of the companies that have been there before you, we can help.

Expanding The Possibilities

Solving difficult business issues is tough when your are the only one working on them. At PYCCO, we believe the first place to start is at the top with the CEO or President. More than anyone else in the organization, they need an outside perspective on their ideas, problems, and opportunities. We all have blind spots. To see them sometimes requires having someone else show you where they are. Our business management consultants specialize in mentoring senior executives. Through a confidential, one-on-one process we help you and your staff explore the concepts, decisions, and actions that can make a real difference in your business, and sometimes your life. It can be the difference between you owning the business, and the business owning you.

Getting The Right Team While Keeping The One You Have

PYCCO mentoring services don't replace the people you already have, we simply extend them by filling the gaps. The missing executive, marketer, sales management, or advisor on issues that require a strategic perspective. As CEO, you create opportunities for self-actualization. As a mentor, we keep you from doing them yourself. Working "on" the business, instead of in it.

To develop the staff you need, the mentoring process can also be applied to other key members of the senior management team. Mentoring a competent talent pool involves the following basic principles:

  • Selection and assessment of competencies - This involves critical evaluation of technical and functional skills of the employees based on professional experience, personal learning and leadership potential.
  • Managing performance - PYCCO business management consultants make sure that the employees understand what is expected from them and how they are contributing towards the organizational growth. Applying performance measurement tools is just one example of how we can help them find ways of improving their own performance.
  • Mentoring young talent - Successful organizations employ our business planning consultants to develop skills necessary to excel in the ever- changing dynamic business world.
  • Developing careers - Every employee has a role to play in the success of any organization. A PYCCO business management consultant provides the employee tools and strategies to improve job satisfaction and increase career vitality.

The Difference Between a Business and a Partner

PYCCO has been mentoring senior executives of small and mid-sized enterprises for over 10 years. Our business plan consultants have a strong track record in the market helping companies find resources to extend their staff. Whether you need one of our business planning consultants or an interim executive to address your issues, we treat your business like a partner.

We follow a simple process to analyze and then fulfill your staff requirements:

  • The first step is to determine the specific skills that are lacking in your existing talent pool and are necessary to complete the projects scheduled for implementation. Our business management consultants evaluate the organization's existing talent and, when necessary, provide cross training to maximize existing resources before embarking on any staff additions.
  • Once the lacking skill sets have been identified, we determine whether it's more appropriate to create a permanent position to fill gaps or whether staff augmentation is more appropriate. We design specialized mentoring programs wherein staff members train under experts in the field. For this we may not hire experts from outside the organization but ask managers from the company, recently retired employees, the CEO, coaches etc. to lead the training sessions. We offer a host of other programs like CEO coaching and employee mentoring programs to upgrade the existing skill sets.
  • In case there is a requirement for highly specialized skills, our business management consultants can assist with your hiring plan by helping to identify well-qualified candidates. We can also help conduct interviews and make assessments before they are absorbed into the company.
  • If need be, we also head hunt for skilled experts to take on short-term assignments for the company.

Find out how our executive mentoring and staff development services can improve your performance and maximize the productivity of your team. Visit our Contact Us page, or call us today at (952)934-4000.

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