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Making Your Direct Mail Deliver

With the aggressive strategic marketing techniques used by B2B businesses today, more businesses are asking for creative marketing services that can produce results. PYCCO creative marketing services offer a broad based collection of tools and ideas to fit your market strategy. Based on your business needs, we will help you identify the different mediums, test and refine messages and processes that can help in achieving your goals. Today the use of direct mail, coupled with Internet advertising is increasingly recognized as a powerful combination. With this in mind, we offer a full array of creative marketing services to create and execute an effective direct marketing strategy for your business.

The benefits of a direct marketing campaign

For years, the biggest advantage of direct mail marketing was that it was measurable. Today, testing a direct marketing strategy is a process that can be performed by businesses of any size, so long as you know how. This is another area where PYCCO can make real difference. In addition to monitoring your direct marketing strategy, we can help you find and track the crucial data to judge the effectiveness of both your online and traditional direct mail marketing campaigns.

Measuring direct mail marketing doesn't have to be difficult. However, merely tracking the number of leads received won't tell you what you really need to know. The strategic marketing experts at PYCCO will help you plan, implement and measure a direct mail marketing campaign with processes and analysis that can give you a significant edge of your competitors. You will gain valuable insights on your strategy and uncover targeted cost saving opportunities that trim the fat from your budgets and free-up money for other avenues.

Choosing the right direct mail marketing consultant

A strategic marketing plan can be successful only if you understand the medium. This is imperative in the case of direct marketing. Understanding the medium means identifying the precise target groups, narrowing targets through sub-group segmentation, eliminating waste and uncovering new sources of potential clients. At PYCCO, we offer experienced, professional consultants and creative marketing services specifically tailored to the advertising mediums called for in your strategic marketing plan.

Effective strategic marketing service by PYCCO

When you work with PYCCO, your market strategy begins with a detailed analysis of your customers and their needs. If direct mail marketing is appropriate, our direct marketing consulting process saves you time and needless waste by outlining the process and providing to tools to manage your entire campaign.

PYCCO direct marketing consulting is more than just a market strategy. Through our direct marketing consulting practice we can help you in achieve your goals sooner, cost effectively and efficiently. When combined with our creative marketing services we deliver the closest thing you can find to a turn-key market strategy.

If your business needs a more effective market strategy - whether it is online or through the mail - call or email us today for a free initial consultation.

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