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A Global Quest In The Race For New Business Development Strategies

In a world where globalization has made it possible for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase just about anything, anywhere, anytime, knowing how to get and keep customers is an essential business strategy. For many businesses this means developing new methods to monitor, measure and improve their sales development systems. Moreover, rather than just keep pace with the competition, a consistently managed and implemented business strategy enables a company to better project, measure and evaluate its business goals.

When it comes to seeking new business, going into the market blindly is not a solution. While informal knowledge is important in the decision making process, it is strategic business analysis that provides the enterprise with facts that are needed to achieve long term marketing results. Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. This is when professional strategic planning consulting plays a key role in creating a culture beyond the 'monthly' or 'quarterly' sales goals. Companies are realizing that long-term business plan strategies are as important to an organization's success as short-term goals.

New business strategy consultants at PYCCO specialize in business plan development, strategic business analysis and providing experienced counseling to clients on how to build on strengths while overcoming weaknesses, and exploit opportunities while mitigating threats.

PYCCO: Business Development Strategies For Your Business and Your Sales Channel

At the corporate level, our business strategy process involves the strategic analysis of a company's current status and preparation of a success strategy by:
  • Developing a realistic vision for the business.
  • Formulating a mission statement (clearly indicating the purpose of the business).
  • Exploring the values governing the operation.
  • Explicitly stating the business's objectives (results it aims to achieve in medium/long term).
  • Identifying the strategies (rules & guidelines) to achieve results.
  • Setting goals that are quantifiable, consistent, realistic and achievable.
  • Initiating implementation programs.

It is a process based on over 25 years of rich experience in strategic planning for small and mid-sized businesses. Unlike traditional consultants, we go beyond simply suggesting a strategy. We use our expertise to provide organizational vision, monitor and understand a dynamic business environment, generate creative business development strategies, and base every business effort on sustainable competitive advantages.

We recognize that some of the major challenges business organizations face are marketing challenges such as the transition from selling products to selling solutions, the move from the channels of distribution of today to channels of distribution of tomorrow, and the rationalization of brand portfolios. We comprehend these core issues, recommend appropriate actions, and provide key support personnel to ensure that you achieve scalable results.

Pioneering New Sales

We use our strategic planning consulting to introduce new business development strategies, identify partners, prioritize targets, evaluate opportunities and negotiate deals. As a part of our strategic planning consulting, we also:
  • Analyze changing markets (both internal and external) to uncover emerging business opportunities, and integrate these opportunities into strategic plans.
  • Define and implement an effective business strategy by clearly streamlining activities, roles, milestones, deliverables, decision points and decision criteria.
  • Help companies better achieve their financial and commercial goals by an assessment of the tools, methods, and capabilities that would be needed to achieve these objectives.
  • Select, develop and implement technologies that serve as framework for the organizational processes.
  • Assist in benchmarking and monitoring performance by establishing a chain of command or cross functional teams, and assigning responsibility of specific tasks or processes to specific individuals or groups.
  • Stimulate positive changes through motivation.

At PYCCO, it is our mission to move your business forward and ensure that the results stand long after we are gone. We employ the best talent in the industry to give you valuable insight into improving performance. By bringing in strategic, marketing and sales ideas (and all that goes into making a success strategy) we strive to raise and renew aspirations of your organization and build momentum for growth.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in using our valuable services to give your business the much needed impetus, or simply want to know more about PYCCO. Call us at (952) 934-4000 or Contact Us.

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