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When it comes to marketing, there are important differences between consumer marketing and B2B marketing. While the former tends to be driven by emotions, the latter relies heavily on intellect, information, and increasingly, a sound basis for cost justification. In business-to-business marketing there is a clear understanding that no matter what the size of the business, having a proper business marketing plan is imperative.

At PYCCO, we act as strategic advisers to CEO's of small and mid-market companies and help in creating the ideal business marketing plan and business-to-business marketing strategy. We follow a hands-on approach with B2B marketing research where needed, and a fresh look at competitive analysis before recommending a business-to-business marketing strategy.

Understanding the Objective

Today, the main motive behind most B2B marketing is education. Decision makers are paid to make intelligent choices. Their decision making process is predictable and follows a well established pattern: awareness, liking, preference, intention, and finally purchase. At any time, prospects may be found in all of these stages. Yet, where are the ones that can be swayed most effectively by a given marketing proposition? The answer depends on the maturity of the market, the size of competition, and a host of other variables.

Creating an effective business to business marketing strategy, begins with understanding the customer's perspective. How to shape that perception is a critical question, because how they view a company can determine whether the sales people ever get the chance for that first face-to-face meeting. In the process of communicating with prospects many companies overlook this point. Often referred to as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the definition of who you are and what you offer must be unique, believable, and deliverable. To help define such a position PYCCO consultants begin by with the definition of what your customer wants to buy - not what is being sold. As a part of our B2B marketing research, we help analyze the business and target audience from an independent and unbiased perspective. Only with a clear and focused understanding of these desires do we create marketing strategies for a business.

Analyzing your existing marketing plan

Besides helping to create a customized business to business marketing plan, we can also help evaluate existing strategies. Does the current B2B marketing plan overlook new markets, or key opportunities to make a more powerful sales presentation? Our consultants routinely customize solutions to deal with areas that are lacking. (If you are interested, our consultants offer a free, no obligation review, or if you prefer, visit the Case Studies page on this web site.)

Tracking those important details

PYCCO consultants understand the fact that for a business to grow, any marketing strategies we suggest must be properly implemented. When PYCCO develops a company's business to business marketing strategies we also provide the means to implement them. So, you get plans that are compelling enough to catalyze your growth, and implementation experts to ensure that the process goes smoothly and quickly. By managing the entire process, we also eliminate the hassle of additional meetings and more direct reports.

The key to a successful business marketing plan is attention to the seemingly small details. When PYCCO helps create a business to business marketing plan, the final phase of the project often includes developing the means to track results. It is surprising how often this valuable step is overlooked. By eliminating waste from a marketing budget we can often free-up money to pay for other new initiatives. And those results only compound the return on the investment in our services. Just one more reason why we call our performance, "Performance You Can Count On".

Find out how to improve your marketing programs and stretch your marketing budget. For more information, please visit our ' Contact Us' page, or get in touch with us directly by calling (952) 934-4000.

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